Subscribe and Download 5 ABC Notations Per Month (Searbh Siúcra)

Subscribe and Download 5 ABC Notations Per Month (Searbh Siúcra)

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Each month 5 new music scores will be uploaded to the website.
You can also request a specific score / tune. Please see our other product called "Request Your Tune".
Introduction (Videos included every month)
  • What is The Teaching Format of This Course
  • What is The East Galway Irish Music Tradition
  • Bowing and Other Features of the EGIMT
  • Variations in the EGIMT
  • Ornamentation in the East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT)
  • The Dark Lonesome Sound of the EGIMT

Searbh Siúcra

  1. Coill McHugh
  2. The Meelick Team (D minor)
  3. Low Lights on the Corrib
  4. Paddy Faheys Reel (after Low Lights on the Corrib)
  5. Dolly’s Hill
  6. Lament for Tommy Flynn
  7. The Banjo Basher
  8. Port an Bhráthair
  9. The Frieze Britches
  10. The Vacant House
  11. Paddy Fahey’s Reel (after the Vacant House)
  12. Caught in a Cobweb
  13. Josie McDermotts
  14. Eddie Kelly’s Jig No.2
  15. Memories of France
  16. The Hand of the Little People
  17. The Jug of Punch
  18. Seán Reid’s Reel
  19. Tommy Cronin’s Reel
  20. Dawn on the Strand
  21. Eddie Kelly’s Jig No.1
  22. Pull the Knife and Stick it Again
  23. The Cloonlish Hornpipe
  24. The Old High Reel
  25. The Lane to the Glen
  26. The Trip to Durrow
  27. Marian’s Return
  28. Brierton’s Jig
  29. Finian’s Return
  30. Paddy Fahey’s Reel (before The East Galway Reel)
  31. The East Galway Reel
  32. Farewell to Camus
  33. The Rainy Day
  34. The Lonesome Fiddler
  35. The Old Pipe on the Hob
  36. The Sally Popular
  37. Copenhagen Harbour