Subscribe and Download 5 ABC Notations Per Month (The Lonesome Fiddler)

Subscribe and Download 5 ABC Notations Per Month (The Lonesome Fiddler)

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Each month 5 new ABC notations will be uploaded to the website.
You can also request a specific score / tune. Please see our other product called "Request Your Tune".
Introduction (Videos included every month)
  • What is The Teaching Format of This Course
  • What is The East Galway Irish Music Tradition
  • Bowing and Other Features of the EGIMT
  • Variations in the EGIMT
  • Ornamentation in the East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT)
  • The Dark Lonesome Sound of the EGIMT

The Lonesome Fiddler

  1. Daury’s Reel
  2. Blockers Reel
  3. Pigeon on the Gate
  4. Paddy Fahey’s Jig (before Contentment is Wealth)
  5. Contentment is Wealth
  6. Bríd Harpers
  7. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  8. Trip to Nenagh
  9. Christmas Eve
  10. The Lonesome Fiddler
  11. Paddy Fahey’s Reel (after The Lonesome Fiddler)
  12. Paddy Fahey’s Reel (3rd in The Lonesome Fiddler set)
  13. Paddy Fahey’s Reel (before Sergeant Early’s reel)
  14. With Her Long Hair Flowing Down Her Back
  15. The Meelick Team (E minor)
  16. Whelan’s Jig
  17. The Rolling Wave
  18. The Humours of Lisadel
  19. The Reel of Mullinavat
  20. The Banshee (Bean an TÍ)
  21. Lafferty’s (Glen of Aherlow)
  22. The Mullinagar Lea
  23. The Highest Hill in Sligo
  24. The Luck Penny
  25. Paddy Fahey’s Jig (after The Luck Penny)
  26. Mulvihills
  27. Return to Camden Town
  28. Old Tatter Jack Walsh (An t-Athair Jack Walsh)
  29. The Killimor Jig
  30. Knocknagow Jig
  31. Winnie Haye’s Jig
  32. Stacey Donnelly’s
  33. Cathaoir na bPiobaire (The Pipers Chair)
  34. Anthony Frawleys