The Lonesome Fiddler (M4A)

The Lonesome Fiddler (M4A)

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The Lonesome Fiddler album features the music of Eddie Kelly and his unique versions of old and familiar tunes. Eddie played the East Galway style and for many years he taught me this music tradition adding his rare touch to jigs, reels and hornpipes alike. A true maestro if ever there was one.

I dedicate The Lonesome Fiddler album to Tom Crean, my dad or daddy as I used to call him, who passed away in 2010.

My dad took the time, year after year to pass down the gift of music to me, eventually enlisting Eddie as my teacher. This sharing of the music with daddy, enkindles some of my lifetime’s best and fondest memories. Now, as an adult and looking back, I have a deeper understanding of his fervor; his pursuit to empower me with the East Galway Irish Music Tradition and to have me play it with accuracy, reverence and tenderness. He left me a beautiful legacy; the music itself and all the happy memories that go with it.

And now I want to pass this music tradition onto you.
Éilís Crean

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