This Is Your Life: A Celebration of Eddie Kelly and the East Galway Irish Music Tradition

Eddie Kelly has enthralled many musicians with his flair and mastery of both the fiddle and button accordion. The Irish jig that is widely known as Eddie Kelly’s jig is actually called The Meelick Team. It was composed by Eddie to commemorate a victorious hurling team from the village of Meelick in East Galway. And the reel known as Eddie Kelly’s reel is called The Lonesome Fiddler.

This book shares for the first time, the sheet-music for all twenty-one of Eddie’s music compositions. His friends and family have shared stories, memories and photographs, all of which are presented in this book to honor Eddie’s contribution to traditional Irish music. We gain insight into a delightful man, with a mischievous grin and a deep passion for the music his native East Galway.

And as we take this trip down memory lane, the illustrations remind us of Ireland’s rich history and traditions. And the narratives allow us the time to pause for a few moments to marvel at this heritage of mysticism and beauty.

Traditional Irish music contains within it the DNA of a culture, especially the older Irish music styles like the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. The notes that we use and the way we use those are more than mere transmitters of sound. They speak of traditions, ways of thinking, approaches to the world and an understanding of our place in it. And they give voice to the inchoate memories of those who came before us but have been rendered silent by time


Éilís Crean

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