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Music Video Tutorials

Purchase this Course: [1] All 72 tunes from both albums. [2] Access to the Tune of the Week *(TOW). [3] Each music video features a tune that is played at a very slow pace with repeated sections so that it can be learned by any intermediate or advanced musicians. [4] Original track from the album. [5] All Music scores and ABC Notation [6] 1 hour Skype call per month. [7] Unlimited email access for questions or feedback on audio/video submission.


Music Scores (Sheet Music)

Purchase this Course: [1] All Music Video Tutorials [2] All 72 music scores for tunes from both albums. [2] Access to the music score for the Tune of the Week *(TOW).




ABC Notation

Purchase this Course:[1] All Music Video Tutorials [2] 72 ABC Notation for tunes from both albums. [2] Access to the ABC Notation for the Tune of the Week *(TOW).




Purchase Music Scores (Sheet Music) & ABC Notation

Music Scores (Sheet  Music) available for purchase. [1] Send an email to [2] Specify the tune [3] Specify Music score or ABC Notation [4] $3.99 per tune payable via paypal.    Discount available for bulk purchase. 





* The Tune of the Week comes is selected during our weekly seisiún at Quinn's Neighbourhood Pub & Eatery, 1010 Murfreesboro Rd #118, Franklin, TN 37067. Éilís Crean records the tune and sends it out to the group so that all the musicians can learn the same tunes and build the same sets together as a community. You can also become part of the community by learning our tunes and sets so that when you visit us, you will be able to join right in and play with