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East Galway Irish Music Tradition Mastermind
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Each country is like a blanket, with these beautiful threads of tradition and culture building upon itself. The threads of the past link with those of the future, but without the threads of the past, those of the present fail to have anything to hold onto. The blanket can slowly crumble, leaving a pile of threads for no one to enjoy.

But you can help strengthen these threads by showing your support for the music and traditions we hold so dear!

We can keep building the blanket together for us and future generations!

Here's What You'll Get With Online Access

Friday, February 7th

6pm CST 

Live streaming of Meet & Greet

 7pm CST

Live streaming of The Éilís Crean Trio & Friends in concert



Saturday, February 8th

10am - 12pm CST

Presentations & review of tunes to be played in the EGIMT

2pm - 4pm CST

Teaching workshop. 1:1 instruction on the EGIMT style where everyone learns from what is being taught on an individual basis. Includes online participant.

7pm CST

Live streaming of The Irish Gift seisiún and a chance to meet and say hello to everyone

Sunday, February 9th

11am - 1pm CST

Learning Eddie Kelly's compositions

3pm - 5pm CST

Learning Eddie Kelly's compositions


Slán abhaile

I am offering a money-back guarantee at the end of the mastermind weekend if you are not completely satisfied with what you have learned during the 30+ hours of immersion into the East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT). During the event, please let me know if there is anything you need clarified or some part of your music that you would like advanced or improved. I am here to serve you.

- Éilís Crean