Here's What You'll Get

  • Weekly classes based on the Learning Irish book by Micheál Ó'Siadhail. You will learn the pronunciation of words, grammar and practice conversation.


  • Each day you will text or converse with your Irish language partner. You will do your homework together and practice what you learned in class. I will also be available by text to help with the exercises.


  • You will become familiar with Irish language apps and tools such as Duolingo, Bitesize Irish, Memrise, An Seinnteoir and Quizlet to name but a few and use these to further your Irish language goals.


  • You will become a regular viewer of TG4 where you will become addicted to Ros na Rún the compelling Irish language soap-opera!


  • It will become second nature to you to launch your An Seinnteoir app to listen to Irish language radio stations and to follow along