The East Galway Irish Music Tradition Mastermind

The East Galway Irish Music Tradition Mastermind

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­­The Irish Gift, Inc is dedicated to the preservation of the music of Eddie Kelly and the East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT).

In this mastermind group of five people you will have the unique opportunity to learn from Éilís Crean. Éilís is a former music student of Eddie Kelly and one of only a handful of musicians worldwide that performs and teaches the East Galway Irish Music Tradition.

 The mastermind offers the following opportunity: 

  • Explore and understand the characteristics and traits that define the EGIMT
  • Get to know the musicians from East Galway, past and present and gain a deeper understanding of their interpretation of the style
  • Draw comparisons through various exercises on the similarities and differences between the EGIMT and other traditional Irish music styles particularly the East Clare style
  • Learn one (or more) Eddie Kelly compositions (access to be provided before the mastermind)
  • Opportunity to work on 1 (or more) tune(s) of your choice and play it in the EGIMT style
  • Membership to The Irish Gift online music academy (see here for details)
  • Concert on Friday evening featuring the Éilís Crean Trio (
  • Other recitals and musical experiences throughout the weekend
  • Discussion of requests & questions from participants before and during the event
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